Many of us are limited in our time to workout. Because of this fact, we need a workout plan that includes just a few exercises. The five exercises below are the best five you can possibly do in order to have an effective workout plan.

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The single most effective exercise you can do for your body is squats. Squats work the entire lower body, your butt and your legs. Because the lower body’s muscle groups are larger than the upper body, this particular exercise works a larger volume of muscles than any other exercise. Therefore, squats are a necessity for having a great body.

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Next, you should attempt to do bench presses and all the different variations of them for your chest and triceps. There are wide grip bench presses, standard grip bench presses, and narrow grip bench presses. Each works your chest and triceps in a different way. Wide grip bench presses maximize the work on your chest, while minimizing the work on your triceps. Standard grip bench presses work both the chest and triceps. Narrow grip bench presses minimize the work on your chest, and maximize the work on your triceps.

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