First and foremost, a person should appreciate the importance of the wisdom “Health is Wealth”. He should realize the significance of exercise for his fitness. So the first step in this direction is to introspect and evaluate his health needs. Accordingly, he can plan out an exercise regimen that best suits his health needs. It is recommended to take the help or a gym instructor or a doctor in getting guidance regarding the exercises. Once he plans out the schedule, he must stick to the timetable and try to accomplish his fitness goals.

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He can work out in a gym under the supervision of a gym instructor. The minimum duration for workout should be 30 minutes however he should try to exercise for an hour. If he finds working out in a gym tough, he can always practice any kind of physical activity like walking, jogging, running, cycling, swimming or any outdoor sports. If he exercises in the open air, especially in the morning, he can reap rich benefits from them.

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He must certainly enjoy the exercises, for if he does them religiously and enthusiastically, he will not only develop a well-toned and flexible body, but also become mentally and physically stronger with greater immunity and resistance power to fight any illnesses. The added benefits are that he will enjoy a healthy lifestyle and become self-confident.

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